The Vital Importance Of Education

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The vital importance of how education works in our country needs to be centered around the best interest of the students. The more the curriculum is designed towards the close relationship to the individual student, the better the child will receive information and preform. The education in the United States is continuing to decline, and the only way for it to improve is if a drastic change is made. What change is needed? Well, if there are other countries that are excelling, then taking a look at the structure of their education system can help our country mold a new style of knowledge development. International relationships are continuing to grow in our world due to technological advancements. It has become much easier for countries…show more content…
Since children are developing, the better nourished they are, the better their development will be. If children started school later, they would have an extended time to develop essential tools of socialization and structure. Instead of beginning a formal education at the age of five, if children began around the age of seven they would promote "playing and socializing" (Freeman). This would not mean that children would lack any knowledge provided, rather, they would be learning a different set of skills in a less curriculum-based setting. They would encourage skills such as interaction with other children and independency. Children would be able to put more attention on acknowledging their own identity because there would not be as much emphasis about being told to complete assignments. They would still include the basis knowledge of numbers and the alphabet, but in a more social environment. This would be a possible transition for our state because the only thing that would need to change is where the children are going. We would probably need to create more daycares, but the educational system in our state could design a way for this to occur. Additionally, they could even incorporate daycares within kindergartens or other schools to utilize the spaces that they already have. Nonetheless, the routine of going to school would stay intact, but the knowledge and structure of the day would alter.
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