The Vital Role of Special Interest Groups in a Democratic Society

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Introduction A special interest group, or at times known as an advocacy group, is a group of likeminded people that try to influence government without holding any power in government. Each interest group has one issue or goal they focus on and push for through many forms of media and by lobbying. Lobbyists are hired by interest groups to talk for them to government officials. Interest groups play a vital role within a democratic society but have been seen many times as underhanded and undermining the democratic system. But the idea behind interest groups is a clear representation of democracy itself. Most advocacy groups today are pushing their agenda to the public in a peaceful non-violent manner but that doesn’t mean everything they push is positive for the majority of the countries citizens. These groups all have goals and a future in which they see as their utopia but each has their own and many conflict with the views of others. Interest groups may not have seats in government but they have been responsible for many policies or at least influenced the policies that have come through in every democratic society. Each group tries to further their own interests but there are a lot of people whom hate interest groups even though many citizens do support one or more interest themselves without realizing. In today’s politics I do believe though that interest groups have amassed a great deal of power but the issue is not whether they have too much power or not but on how they
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