The Voice of Linkin Park

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The Voice of Linkin Park Over Linkin Park’s entire career, they have won over sixty awards ("Linkin Park Awards."). Their success was kick started by their debut album, Hybrid Theory, which contained massive radio hits (Leahey). Linkin Park went through many changes in order to get to where they are now. The band was eventually signed to Warner Bros and proved to be worth the investment. There are numerous ways to determine the quality and worth of a band and their success. Although Linkin Park faces few alternative-metal rivals, they can easily be considered the best rock band of the 2000s due to their numerous awards their substantial amount of sales. There are certain qualitative and quantitative factors that a band must fulfill in…show more content…
Hybrid Theory reached “Diamond Status” when their sales topped ten million (Leahey). Such an accomplishment allowed the album to be considered as one of the most successful debuts ever (Leahey). Linkin Park later received three Grammys nominations for the debut album as well. In the 2000s, Linkin Park not only received over sixty awards, but they also were nominated for a hundred and sixty-nine more (Leahey). It should also be taken into consideration that the statistics listed below only refer to one of five albums. Some bands don’t even reach Linkin Park’s status of worth after their first album when compared to their entire career. The amount of years that a band has been together does not necessarily mean they are better or the best. For example, some of the bands that did not even come close to making the list have never even won a Grammy let alone been nominated for one. Although many people have their own opinion as to what a good band entails, based upon the criteria that is created and evaluated, any band can justifiably be the best rock band. Based upon evaluating rock bands on their number of awards and sales, Linkin Park is arguably the best rock band of the 2000s. There is no denying that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Not everyone is going to easily agree that Linkin Park is the best rock band. On the other hand, based upon the criteria created, arguments can be made as to why they under some circumstances that they are. Some of the other

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