The Voice of the Voiceless

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The willful taking of another man’s life has been termed immoral not only in the religious parlance. In the political realm, fundamental human rights and humanitarian principles hold the protection and preservation of human life as the most important exigency to be unflinchingly promoted among nations. While the principle of “right to life” has been promoted by many UN nations, the phenomenon of abortion has become a reality not frowned at among these nations but one that is encouraged as an expression of human freedom and an instrument of population control. In this article, we shall provoke, and not just provide, theological cum sociological reflections
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Aborting it then, according to them, depends on the free will of the carrier, that is, the woman. The right of the woman to choose, they say, cannot be override by the supposed right to life of a tiny 1cm fetus, whom neither societal nor constitutional consciousness can refer to as a citizen with rights and duties like every other individual in the community.
The morality of the Act of Abortion
Basically, arguments for the right and wrong of abortion have come in three major areas. They are theological, Philosophical and scientific arguments. Taking these arguments separately will serve our purpose better in the present task.
Theologically speaking, abortion is an act that has been seen as an act of murder. This is because the unborn child in the womb is seen, both from biblical understanding and in the sacred tradition, not as a fetus but an unconscious human being waiting for full maturity in the womb. With recourse to biblical passage like, Luke 1:36 and 41, it has been established that God, the maker of all that is, understands and regards the fetus as a living man already. In Luke chapter one, for instance, Elizabeth was said to have conceived a "son" and in verse 41 of that same chapter, it was said that the "Babe" in her womb leaped for joy. This brings to purview that although the baby in the womb
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