The Volstead Act of 1920

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The Volstead Act of 1920 The year of 1826, the American Temperance Society was adopted. They tried to convince people to stop drinking alcohol. It didn’t take much long after this, that the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union said that they would support the ban on drugs as well as alcohol. Then in 1893, the anti-Saloon League was formed. Not too much longer, they were a political power at making this ban on alcohol reality. Women were a major driving force on the prohibition of alcohol. Many of them stated that alcohol was a major driving force in ending lots of marriages and destroying lots of families. Men who were affected by alcohol led a life much like this. They were given their paychecks for working. Instead of supporting his family, he would go to the nearest speakeasy and likely spend all of their money. Sadly, a lot of men had a problem with alcohol. Alcohol addiction is a serious illness in which an individual being affected can appear to be very selfish and inconsiderate to others. Factory owners also supported the prohibition of alcohol greatly because of the requirements needed by the ever changing factory worker lifestyle. This often included long work days and early morning starts. This would be something in which an alcoholic would have trouble trying to keep up with non-users of alcohol. The temperance societies and progressive reformers played a huge role at passing legislation at the local level. These societies and reformers saw that
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