The Volunteer I Called Upon To Do My Assignment Was Marquita

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The volunteer I called upon to do my assignment was Marquita Snow. Marquita is recently from Selma, Al and went to college at Auburn University Montgomery in Montgomery, Alabama. She attended AUM for four years and graduated with a degree in Psychology. Now, she is doing full-time work at Baptist South Hospital during a Unit Clerk position and Patient Registration. Right now she’s is a confused state where she loves the degree she received at AUM, but she loves to help people within a hospital and/or doctor office. She recently went looking for a major and can have some kind of success in and she stubbed across a major called Medical Billing and Coding at Trenholm State Technology College. She seems so happy, there are some issues with her…show more content…
Snow was worried about finding work after her graduation. Many students like Marquita, are scared about how they’ll complete their college education. A lot of students seem as if they are even worried about finding work right after college. Only because some are so ready to enter the work field and get started with their major. When college students are ready to find work, most college students are entering into an area where the market isn’t that great. Each year it always seems as if the market is going down. Even though the market may be low, there are still ways college students can still take control and fight against the odds as far as finding work after graduation. There are ten tips for college students to go by so that they won’t make the same mistakes as Marquita did. First point is know which route to take as it relates to your major. All fields have different requirements, so it’s always best to know what those requirements are so that you can prepare yourself the right way. Have a resume and a letter of interest prepared when trying to find a place of work. Having some writing samples wouldn’t hurt your chances either. It’s always good to get to know your materials in a work setting. While in school, try going to different facilities to get yourself acclimated to what you may be experiencing in the work field. Always good to have as much experience as possible so that you won’t be lost going into your field of area. When doing

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