The Vs. Real Madrid Essay

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The issue that is being investigated are between two Spanish “football” (soccer) teams – which team is ultimately better? Both giants in their own right, Barcelona and Real Madrid have traded success and feuded for a very long time. Both sets of fans have fought over which team is better – comparing players, stats, style of play, managers, stadiums, etc.

B) What is your thesis? (this will be different than the Classical model thesis)

Through the giant rivalry where both teams boast world-class talent, tactical managers and large finances behind them, Real Madrid and Barcelona have established themselves as two of football’s biggest clubs.

C) What common ground do you share? (A value both sides agree on)

Both sides come from Spain, a place where football is highly competitive. This local rivalry is important because there is a ton of psychology that effects players on the pitch. Every player WANTS to win, there is nothing being held back when the players go onto the field. Historically, both teams are extremely successful. Real Madrid and Barcelona have over 20 league titles each, 32 and 22 respectively. As for the Spanish Cup, Copa del Rey, they are also very triumphant, Real Madrid’s 19 wins to Barcelona’s 26. This massive success in these local competitions cemented both teams as the most victorious teams in all of Spain. Europe’s biggest competition, UEFA Champions League, where all the fantastic teams all across Europe compete with one another, is another area

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