The Vulgar VIP Culture

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The practice whereby politicians and certain other ‘privileged’ members of the country arrogate themselves certain benefits in a system bereft of checks and balances has outraged many of the citizens of the country as being something contrary to the spirit of equality and as symptomatic of a corrupt and malaise ridden system.
The genesis of this system is in the British era from the system of preferential treatment of the English rulers over the ruled Indians . What is amazing is that such a system wherein the rulers are given certain preferential treatment over and above their regular perks no longer continues in Britain ; but they still prevail in India more than 60 years after Independence.
The V.I.P culture is prevalent and visible in various forms – including and not limited to red-beacons on vehicles , siren alarms for clear passage on roads , stoppage of traffic etc. This sort of culture is often contemptuously and disdainfully referred to as the ‘lal batti’ culture . The researcher acknowledges the need for existence of certain perks of the ‘office’ that would attract the youth to such professions, but there is a need to draw the line between a perk (which is usually to ensure that the public office can be carried out in a more efficient manner) and an unwarranted privilege. The number of…
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