Essay about The Vulnerability of Weak Passwords

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This lab was to discuss the vulnerability of weak passwords. We were thought how to crack our own passwords using a method called “john the ripper”. We also found out how secure various passwords and how long it would take for a desktop Pc to crack these passwords. We looked up various methods and applications to crack passwords.

Report Part One:
Explain & Preventions

Dictionary Attack =
A technique used to try and find the user’s password by trying hundreds of different possibilities many of these words from the dictionary.

Prevention =
Every time the password is typed in incorrectly the response time increases from the same ip address used.

Brute Force Attack =
A technique that is a trial-and-error
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We then copied the file from the “C:\” drive into the folder named “pentest” then to the “password” folder and then into the “john” folder.

We then went to the menu bar and went into the “backtrack” menu option and clicked “privilege escalation” option, then clicked “password attacks” then clicked “offline” and the clicked the option “john the ripper” which then opens the a script application and we typed into the application “./john hash.txt” which generated the users names and passwords we had originally created on the windows operating system.

Report Part Three:
Password Management Tools
Comparing & Contrasting

Last Pass =
As extra security “Last Pass” is an add on for your browser which allows you to save the websites you log onto and store and encrypt the passwords that you use to login into various websites so you will never have to type in your password again which stops hackers from obtaining your password because they will always be encrypted and only typed into the website the first time you ever log into a new website and from then information will be auto generated into the form from the previous login.
It also supports password generation for maximum password strength.

SuperGenPass =
As extra security SuperGenPass is a bookmarklet unlike “Last Pass” which is an add-on for your browser, SuperGenPass transforms a master password into complex passwords for different
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