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European Journal of Business and Management ISSN 2222-1905 (Paper) ISSN 2222-2839 (Online) Vol 4, No.16, 2012 www.iiste.org Effect of Economic Indicators on Export Performance of India: Pre and post Liberalisation period Nilanjana Kumari, Research Scholar Faculty of Commerce, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, U.P., India-221005 *E-mail-nilanjanakumari.jobs@gmail.com The research is financed by UGC NET JRF, Reference no. [F.15-9(JUNE 2010)/2010 (NET) UGC-Ref. No.:710/ (NETJUNE 2010)]. The paper examines the export growth affected by various economic indicators (GDP, IMPORTS, PERCAPITA NET NATIONAL INCOME, BALANCE OF PAYMENT, EXCHANGE RATE & INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION), using data from 1986 to 2011. The paper studies the…show more content…
Source: Economic Survey, Government of India, (1985-20110), http://indiabudget.nic.in/survey.asp Objective The objectives of this paper are: • Analysis of trade regime in pre and post liberalisation period. • Study the effect of economic indicators on export performance. • Analysis of India’s position in world trade. Review of literature • • • Kumar Rajan Nalini and Rai Mathura (2007), “Performance, Competitiveness and determinants of Tomato exports from India.” They have analysed through this paper the performance and competitiveness of export of tomato and its subsidiary products from India. Their study is a comparative analysis and the research methodology is based on Export Performance Ratio (EPR) and Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA). The paper also analysed the impact of trade liberalisation on export of tomato and its products by estimating the quantity of exports and imports in 3 phases: Pre-WTO Period (1985-94), Post-WTO Period (1995-2004) and overall period (1985-2004). The study has estimated an annual growth rate and coefficient of variation for pre and post liberalisation period, for studying the impact of liberalisation. The paper also analyses the major determinants of tomato export, through various statistical tools like regression analysis which determines 4 major international trade in tomato, domestic production, ratio of Indian and non- Indian international export price and exchange rate
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