The Wage Gap Between Men And Women

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Section 1

This bill’s aim is to amend current acts dealing with equal pay and create new ones to continue efforts to prevent/discourage discrimination in the workplace.

Section 2

The Congress hereby finds and declares the wage gap in America between men and women is a problem that needs to be addressed and remedied. Should people be paid the same amount and treated the same way as others like them with the same experience and skills? The obvious answer is yes, but a wage gap and an unequal treatment of women in the workplace persist in the United States. As John F. Kennedy believed, the Equal Pay Act he passed in 1963 was the start of fixing this problem. Now, more than 50 years from the passing of the EPA, the situation is better but still needs improvement. The wage of women is still about 78% of men’s. In the workplace, many women can be discouraged from even having a family because there would be no way of having a child and having a secure financial situation at the same time. Problems such as the recent failure to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, the holes in the current Acts, and the political situation in Congress also stagnant the resolution of this problem. In order to rectify these issues, new laws must be enacted to amend previous acts concerning this topic and to introduce policies as well as a new committee to further protect women from discrimination.

The first area of problems lies in the workplace. Stereotypes and gender norms persist and will…

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