The Wage Gap Between Women And Men

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Abstract This study takes a look at the wage gap between women and men. It has always been known that men make more money than women. Many acts of legislation have been passed to address the disparities. But as time has progressed this topic is not one that grasps the attention of society. Society feels that there are other more important topics to focus on. The inequities amongst men and women pay has been in effect from the early 1800s and continues on in the new millennium despite, the gains women have made. And unfortunately the millennium women have many challenges that still lie ahead. This study has shown the transition from the early 1800s up until now and in the 21st century we are still dealing with inequities when it…show more content…
A look at the history of pay inequality as it relates to women, the Equal Pay Act, and where women stand today will be studied throughout this paper. It will take a historical and qualitative approach to finding the needed information that will shed light on this wage gap. Hopefully the information gained will show that even 4-four decades later, it is still a great concern to all, since a lot of the large corporations worldwide are guilty of practicing this inequity, even today. Research Questions A lot of attention is placed on the inequity of pay for men and women. But as time passes, the focus of this issue has subdued. This situation still exists, even though more politicized issues seem to be taking precedence. The wage gap is not only an issue of men and women but also of other races and ethnicities. Why does this continue to be a problem? Do wage gaps make women dependent on men? Even in the light of statistics that shows the disparities, why do society feeling it’s a thing of the past? Will there always be a double standard that women are primarily made to be homemakers? Do we give up the fight to expect equal compensations? Will the new millennium women totally put this inequity to rest? My paper will seek why the disparities and what the future holds. Statistical Argument The gap in wages and earnings between men and women remains a problem in the work
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