The Waiting Room By Kris.

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The Waiting Room By: Kris It all started on a hot day in California, the golden sun blazing through the window of his apartment. It was 5:30pm to be exact. Felix had invited his mother to dinner in celebration of being accepted into a prestigious investigation program that would kick start his career in this field. Felix was an 18 year old boy, but not your typical 18 year old. He wasn’t like the other boys his age. They would be playing sports like rugby and basketball. They were tall, towered over others in lower grades, broad and muscular. Felix was the total opposite of them. He was short, pale as an uncooked pancake, and didn 't have much muscle. He had a circular face with a small button nose in the middle. Above the nose were two narrow, brown eyes with full eyebrows above them. In addition, Felix didn 't play any sports, instead he preferred solving investigation cases and puzzles. Unlike the other boys, Felix couldn’t care less about his appearance rather, he was just grateful that he was even alive. However, despite his wimpy attributes, he was mentally strong. He had gone through many depressing situations like his mother and father 's divorce. Felix had dreamed of getting into the program since he was a kid. He was always fond of investigation, always wearing his black suede jacket along with his brown top hat, not to forget about his magnifying glass he always held in his petite hands. With his magnifying glass in hand, Felix always looked at his mother’s
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