The Waiting Room Reeked Of Diseases And Exhaustion

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The waiting room reeked of diseases and exhaustion. I have been waiting for the last two hours as I watched the overhead clock turn 10:30pm. The room was still packed with patients and crying babies. As I sat there waiting, I started to notice how each patient’s face would slightly relax after walking out of the doctor’s room. As six years old, I knew that it was not possible for everyone to receive good news after seeing a doctor, but somehow each patient had a relief look with a hint of hope in each of their faces. There had to be more to medicine than just prescribing pills. As I became older, I started to understand that medicine embodies many roles that I wish to fulfill: scientist, artist, and communicator. These roles might not seem directly related to medicine, but these are the things that initially ignited my passion for medicine and continues to strengthen my dream of becoming a physician by each passing day. In the first day of art class in 2nd grade my teacher told the class “Don’t just draw a picture but create a harmonious relationship using each element available to you.” These words resonate with me in various aspects of life. In art when asked to draw a simple ball, you do not just draw a circle. However, you use that as a starting point and make the image more meaningful by adding texture, shadow, space and color. In order to make any experience meaningful, we have to start from the core and slowly build a relationship. While interning at Life-force

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