The Walking Dead Analysis

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Love encompasses all.

“Sometimes I wonder if you even care about us at all.” As Rick explains to Shane the situation in which Lori, his wife, made this comment to him in front of their son, Carl, in season one of The Walking Dead, you can tell that this was something the stung and really hurt Rick inside. He goes on to say that “the difference between men and women is a man would never say something so cruel.” This may or may not be true, but the fact that he made this comment shows that there is obvious resentment that he has for his wife, and shows that she may not trust him as the caregiver for their family. What is incredible about this situation is the fact that this all seemingly was able to go away after Rick fought through
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The purpose of their trip was so they could bond, which wouldn’t of needed to necessarily happen if they were already close. Bonding is usually an action for people who have a connection to strengthen that relationship and make it more meaningful to both parties. The situation that they endure with the Zombies, however, bonds them much closer then a car ride. The defining scene is when the two are on a boat in the middle of a lake catching fish for the group, as they learn more about their relationship and their respective relationships with their father. After this bonding, the dynamics between them change and they act much closer from thereon-out. The Zombies cut off this resurrection immediately, as a walker bites Amy and kills her. Andrea is shocked and traumatized by this event, and decides to sit next to Amy for a long period of time. As Amy wakes up as a walker, Andrea apologizes to her for not being there for her in an emotional scene and puts a bullet in her brain (since she was a walker). Andrea making this comment shows how close they became through the ordeal, and her actions and feelings that proceed this event proves that. On the flip side to this example, Rick and Lori seem to grow farther apart through the Apocalypse. There was obviously joy and appreciation between the couple at the knowledge of Rick’s survival settled in between the couple. As the season goes on, though, there is a disconnect between Rick and Lori. The only scene
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