The Walking Dead

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Recent breakthroughs in biotechnology have now made it possible to materialise what once appeared to be purely fictional - the revival of extinct species. As humans, we are naturally inclined to wonder as to what life on earlier Earth once entailed. Whether it is by pondering: fossils, skeletons, or our own imaginings we have an innate curiosity to uncover the secrets of our prehistoric ancestors. It is therefore no surprise that there is an imminent buzz surrounding the cutting edge idea, that is de-extinction.

The concept which once seemed as though it was confined to the green screens of “Jurassic Park” has surprisingly already manifested into reality. This was established by a team of scientists who collaborated to resurrect the Pyrenean ibex (Bucardo). The Bucardo is a wild mountain goat which was declared extinct in 2000. In order to recreate the species of the goat, scientists used skin samples of the goat which had been preserved in liquid nitrogen. These skin samples which are rich in DNA, have led scientists to extract their nuclei. The nuclei are inserted into the egg cells of domestic goats. After stimulating growth of the egg cells by applying a jolt of electricity, the ovum is implanted into a surrogate, which in this case a close relative of the Bucardo. Despite numerous implantations, only seven were successfully carried as embryos, ultimately only one survived its birth. However the success was short lived…

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