The Walking Dead Season One Game

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About four years ago, I started watching the Walking Dead to impress a guy that I liked. Luckily, I dropped the boy and started avidly watching the show without his influence. Presently, I still watch the series religiously and have not heard from said boy in years. It’s probably for the best. While I have dedicated a plethora of my time to watching the television show, I had hardly immersed my self in the other mediums of the story. I had never picked up a comic that the show was based off of and did not know that a game had been released until I played the Wolf Among Us, another game from Telltale Games based off of a comic series. Since I was a huge fan of video games in general, I decided to play an episode of the Walking Dead season one game. Overall, I was impressed with the game and the storyline. I enjoyed the comic-like graphics of the game; it made me want to read the actual comics, even though I am by no means an avid comic-book reader. I also enjoyed the method in which they told the story. Instead of going with a linear plot, like a television series, they left most of the key decisions up to the user. In many situations, I was choosing actions that deeply effected the relationships I had with the people around me either in a negative or positive manner; also, it seemed I spent a lot of the time deciding between who lived and who died, which was just as nerve wracking as watching these decisions play out on the show. By placing these huge responsibilities

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