The Walking Dead : The Game

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For this Media Product Analysis paper, I will be reviewing “The Walking Dead: The Game” from Telltale Games. “The Walking Dead: Season One” has a total of five episodes which were released digitally one episode at a time every two months from April 2012 to November 2012. Each game takes approximately two hours of gameplay.

The Walking Dead universe does not use the term zombies, but “walkers” instead. The premise of the game revolves around the main character Lee Everett and a little girl named Clementine, who he meets at the beginning of the game and is set to protect her at all costs. On the way to find a better place or escape for survival, they meet several people and survival groups who may leave or die due to decisions that the players make. The main storyline does not stray too much and the choices that the players make affect more on character development and how the other characters in the game perceive Lee.

There are several times in the game where players also get a little bit of action when Lee fights off the walkers or other dangerous people. However, the game is more focused on decision-making and especially quick-time events, where the player is given a time limit to make a decision. In a way, the player gets to play their own adventure and make the choices that they would make if they were in Lee’s situation. The game plays a lot on real ethical issues or sticky situations that sometimes may not have a clear line on what is good or evil. It is all up
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