The Walking Embodiment Of Stress In School

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May classes are always boring, most of the Seniors turn out mid-April and the ones who stay tuned in are nothing more than the walking embodiment of stress. Heber of course would never complain about it, being a teacher’s aide around this time means two things, an easy A and plenty of time to chat with teachers. Teaching has always been a dream of Heber’s, though today’s conversations have been rather dull, Mr. Martin, Heber’s teacher this nine weeks has yet to even looked up from the mounds of redo essays, at least nothing more than a quick nod of welcome. The room is fairly well managed, seeing as how most Seniors are actually passing and no real work gets done the last few weeks so there is nothing for Heber to sort through or help…show more content…
The coffee is always ready though rarely hot, the styrofoam cups are always out and hardly ever stacked. Though Heber has no problem pouring a cup as the teachers at the fridge continue their conversations. “...Like I had time to read that? I put C’s on anything over three pages. Pfff, administration will just pass them anyways.” The other teacher replies. “No, no, I could never just base it off page limits. I make all redos assignments emailed to me, that way I can just copy the first names from the references and search for them in the essay.” A laugh comes from the first teacher as she replies. “Ha, just be thankful we don’t teach math. What a waste, the students never do better the second time.” The two teachers continue to go back and forth, each comment becoming a little more insulting. Heber just continues on with the coffee making, too numbed from all the other times he has heard the conversations to even pay attention, instead just focusing the styrofoam cup he pours the coffee to. Students are only pushed as far as the teacher is willing to shove, strictly metaphorically speaking teachers need to not only act professional but lead professional lives. Teachers are perhaps one of if the most overworked, underpaid, and under appraised professions in the modern world. Yet, educators can and do influence more lives every year than most careers in a lifetime. Heber’s story, while a bit crude
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