The Wall Street Crash of 1929

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Imagine yourself in a situation where you could never eat enough in a day because you weren’t sure there would be a meal waiting for you the next day. Imagine if those considered poor fell from even greater heights and landed in an even deeper pocket of desperation. Imagine if the poorer you were and the hungrier you became. The hunger rendered you weak and with this weakness you began to find it difficult to think clearly and to function properly. Imagine if you needed to find work to support a family, but you could not muster the strength to look for a job because you needed to first find food to get the energy to move. Imagine if riches, power, and even wealth made no difference to your situation, everything could be lost and nothing…show more content…
Furthermore, Mr.Payne scoffs at the idea that “Mr. Roosevelt promises that as the friend of the forgotten man he will protect the safety of bank depositors” by telling the public of how Roosevelt tried to make foreign purchases, “is that protecting us from the Trickery of international bankers?” Mr.Payne response to Roosevelt by implying that foreign bankers would try to hurt the American people rather than aid them. The crux of Mr.Payne’s argument was being reliant on the actions Roosevelt tried to accomplish in the past and the ones that he had managed to complete, which Mr.Payne now considered them to be failures. Ultimately Roosevelt’s mistakes where being used as a tool to punish Roosevelt and show the American people how his election has the penitential to lead them astray and toward greater suffering. In the article “Roosevelt and The Depression,”written by Los Angeles Times, tells how he has been “generous with criticism- so generous with it, in fact, as to injure rather than help his own cause.”Roosevelt, according to the article, had taken the words and advice given from others very lightly. Roosevelt follows his own plan and sticks to them regardless of the negativity and isn’t to concerned with the thoughts of others. As such, One of the biggest concerns for the Author was that one of Roosevelt’s methods for improving their current situation would be by implementing government
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