The Wall Street Meltdown

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The Wall Street Meltdown The Meltdown is a PBS special on the events of the financial crisis of 2008, in a timeline format, revealing the thinking behind decisions made during the fateful months before the stock market crash in August of that year. Some financial gurus on Wall Street devised a plan to bundle several mortgages together into a group, and then selling that bundle to another group of investors looking to invest in securities. The lender did not need to earn money from the loans he was giving out, he merely gained enough of a profit from the bundling operation that billions were being made on Wall Street from 2005-2008. The problem is that these bundles were risky, and as credit unworthy individuals defaulted on their mortgages, the entire system crumbled into what is now known as the Stock Market Crash of 2008, and have subsequently lived during the Great Recession. The beginning of the crisis is marked as the downfall of Bear Stearns Financial. The company, with a triple A rating, was sidelined with problems of lack of cash flow, and a piling up of unpaid debts on housing mortgages. Bear Stearns invested heavily in these mortgages, because they were lucrative so long as the loans were being paid off. Foreclosures did not begin to pile up until after the 2005-2006 years of mass investment in the housing boom had already seeped into every corner of the United States. The first feeling of a tremble in the market caused Bear Stearn's stock to plummet, and the
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