The Walls Made Of Cinder Blocks

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The walls made of cinder blocks are painted in a color that was once meant to be white, but now they are a grimy gray due to too many years of being neglected. Posters are decorations used as a last minute attempt to distract from the institutionalized feeling of being trapped in a room for an hour and a half. The posters dress in colors far too happy to be associated with school, each one with bubble letter fonts making empty promises about the joys of learning. Two dry erase boards make up the length of the front of the classroom, both have given up on ever being spotless. Fainted blues and greens will forever stain them. In return, the dry erase boards wear these stains like battle scars. The fluorescent lights make no attempt to brighten the mood; bathing the classroom in a yellow glow. It is similar to how a horror movie’s hostage room looks, and feels just as ominous. The room is littered with students. Like a bad game of Twister, each person twists and turns trying desperately to find a comfortable position. The desk are a chiropractor 's greatest investment. My teacher passionately preaches to an audience that doesn’t care. She looks as if she lived through the Great Depression. The lines on her face read better than the lines of a book ever could. Her crows feet were born out of staring down the sun, and the lines around her mouth are the only existing evidence that she has smiled. Her blouse is a dull gray, plain and practical. She and her shirt have a lot in
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