The Walls Of One Of His Last Achievements Lies Robert E. Lee

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Lee Chapel Between the walls of one of his last achievements lies Robert E. Lee. This final achievement would leave lasting impressions on all those who stepped near the narrow brick building covered in ivy mirroring the campus of Washington and Lee University. Robert E. Lee was a confederate civil war veteran, who went on to make lasting changes to Washington and Lee University leaving a legacy in a chapel that would later be named after him. The chapel survived not only through the history occurring around it, but would also find itself tied to a growing southern community and into controversies over civil rights. Sixty years before the dedication of Lee Chapel, on January 19th, 1807 a boy named Robert E. Lee was born into a wealthy Virginia family. Although his family did not stay wealthy most of his childhood, it did not stop him in being successful. Robert E. Lee went on to attend WestPoint, graduating second in his class, and fight in the Mexican War. After spending several years after the Mexican War as the superintendent at WestPoint, he transitioned back into the military. Within months of the breakout of the American Civil War in 1861, Robert E. Lee found himself promoted to full general in the war (Staff). Robert E. Lee did not fully desire to fight for the confederate side as he was not entirely committed to the Confederacy’s pressing values (Lewis).However, he lead his side leaving valiantly, becoming a hero in the eyes of the south. After the war ended Robert

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