The Walt Disney Company and Pixar Inc. to Acquire or Not to Acquire?

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The Walt Disney Company and Pixar Inc. To Acquire or Not to Acquire? Andrii Alekseienko Corporate Strategy Case Study 18 September, 2015 The Walt Disney Company and Pixar Inc. To Acquire or Not to Acquire? To answer the main question of the case, we must think of the main problems that it faces. We need to find the solution for Bob Iger. What to do with Disney: to make some improvements in the existed company to compete better with Pixar, or to make a deal with another studio? Or should he work more with Pixar, or maybe just buy the whole company? To answer this questions, I will use two tools: better-off test and ownership test. At first, Disney and Pixar can just stay at the same place, and make some reorganization in the…show more content…
I think that it’s the best decision in this situatuion: let Pixar do their job with the help of the Disney distribution channels. But that’s just the theory. On practice, it’s gonna be much harder to combine different corporate cultures, because both Disney and Pixar used to work with their usual style. Release Date | Movie | Production Budget | Worldwide Box Office | Nov 22, 1995 | Toy Story | $30,000,000 | $364,402,211 | Nov 20, 1998 | A Bug's Life | $45,000,000 | $363,089,431 | Nov 19, 1999 | Toy Story 2 | $90,000,000 | $511,329,494 | Nov 2, 2001 | Monsters, Inc. | $115,000,000 | $559,757,719 | May 30, 2003 | Finding Nemo | $94,000,000 | $936,429,370 | A long time ago Disney company turned into some kind of Hollywood «machine» of making animation hits with the same parttern and also they missed the moment when computer animation has become much more interesting in the audience of animated cartoons. Pixar is representing some kind of new wave (especially, on the technological side) in the cartoon field . Also, they are succesful. Teir «Toy Story» and «Finding Nemo» were real hits: Buying energetic, young and creative Pixar, Disney intends to regain lost ground. But, they must do that in a smart way, to satisfy the needs of the Pixar owners, shareholders and employees. Back to the ownership test, the Disney ownership of Pixar will produce a greater competitive advantage for them. They will lose a powerful competitor, and will produce something
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