The Walt Disney Corporation

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The Walt Disney Corporation was founded in 1923 under the name Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio by brothers Walt and Roy Disney. The company brandished its current name in 1986 after the death of Walt Disney (1). This company like other large conglomerates has a vice grip on the flow of information that reaches consumers like you and me. Some people believe that having these corporations constricting our access to information leads to a generation of uninformed people, but in the day and age when anybody can get onto to google and search with specific enough criteria to find articles proving any stand point… they were going to be uninformed any way. For example, there are people out there who believe vaccines cause autism, there are plenty…show more content…
For example, The Walt Disney Corporation owns more channels than just the ones that share its namesake. These companies include: ABC broadcast network, Disney Channel, Freeform publishing, The History Channel, Lifetime Movie Network, Marvel Studios, Pixar Studios, AND a 32% holding of Hulu, an 80% holding of ESPN Inc., and 50% holding of A&E. If you didn’t know the name by now, then it should be painfully obvious at this point. The scarier thing is that each of the networks listed has even more subsidiaries that add to the reach of Disney. One example is ESPN Inc., it owns ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPN on ABC, ESPNews, ESPN Deportes, ESPN Films, ESPNU, ESPN Classic, ESPN Now, SEC Network, and ESPN The Magazine… just to name a few (6). Disney is known for that Iconic shape of one specific cartoon mouse, the symbol it’s self has changed as the years go on but Mickey Mouse’s head/ silhouette is always an easily recognizable logo for a company that everyone knows. The logo was originally adopted in 1991, 63 years after the original “Steamboat Willie” was produced (1). This was one of the many firsts for Disney allowing them to maintain their status of a multimedia powerhouse of the US. The very first completely animated feature length film was produced by Disney in 1937, you may have heard of it, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. No one has ever even attempted anything like this
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