The Walton Arts Center

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An art center is not like a gallery or museum, it is a well-designed community center that aims at encouraging the practice of art and providing amenities such as theater space, venues for musical performance, space for displaying artwork, workshops, educational facilities, and technical equipment. In the US, art centers are establishments geared toward generating an income, and creating art to sell to arts-interested individuals. They may also refer to buildings rented primarily to artists. Art centers are galleries, or companies concerned with art making.Walton Arts Center brings renowned performing artists together and other entertainers from all over the world to Northwest Arkansas. It is the largest performing arts center in Arkansas.…show more content…
In short, art promotion requires a strategy. However, strategic planning can also apply to public and private not-for-profit organizations that are in constant competition with other governmental, and non-governmental organizations or agencies.The theory of organizational strategy encapsulates the idea of planning for a top strategy management agenda for success. A strategy therefore, in this context, refers to a top management plan to expand and accomplish outcomes that are consistent and maintain a state of competitive advantage to Walton Arts Center. This is the only way that Walton Arts Center’s organizational mission achieves complete fulfillment. A good strategic plan within an organization provides direction for the organization and a person can easily identify it by examining the organization’s mission statement and set goals. A consistent pattern of crucial decisions made by an organization’s top managers should also be in line with the organization’s mission (Wright, Kroll, Kedia, & Pringle,…show more content…
Business level differentiation strategies entail measures taken to offer value of money to customers. This helps professionals to gain a competitive advantage to competitors by exploiting competencies in particular artworks, individual galleries and artistic markets. Business-level differentiation strategy deals with an organization’s place in an industry, relative to that of its competitors and the five forces of competition.There are four generic approaches used by organizations to establish a comparative and competitive advantage over its rivals. Cost – Organizations usually compete for customers based on price. Price is a factor pegged on internal efficiency such that price margins sustain above average returns especially when the artwork is standardized. Differentiation – Whereby customers get value for money through the unique characteristics and features embodied in pieces of art exhibiting high quality features and rapid innovation. Advanced high customer service, technological features, and image management are additional necessities. Market – Organizations do not compete on price alone, they select small market segments and provide these works of art to customers (Gamble, Thompson, Strickland & John., 2010). Focused Differentiation – Organizations compete based on
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