The Wanderer and On My First Son

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As both poems show the anguish and hurt the speakers go through and by the end of it all, their acceptance of death and life’s cruelty. The speakers in each poem go through different stages of grief but in the end the same understanding that their significant other is in a better place. The speaker in both poems suggest different ways we deal with death and the grief from it as the speaker in On My First Son, the speaker at first blames himself for the passing of his only son of seven years, “Farewell, thou child of my right hand, and joy ; My sin was too much hope of thee, lov'd boy.” (Jonson, 1568) By then the speaker envies his son for leaving the world as he does not have to worry about physical and mental pains in life. Towards the end of the poem the speaker is now accepting the death of his son. “Rest in soft peace, and, asked, say, Here doth lie, Ben Jonson his best piece of poetry.” (Jonson, 1568) Saying that anyone who sees his son tell them that he is the best piece of poetry he had created, the creation he was most proud of; then on he vowed not to love things so much anymore for his own sake as the grief would be too much for him to take. The speaker in On My First Son, Ben Jonson himself, suggests we deal with death by beating ourselves up and taking the blame for the death. When Ben Jonson vows to not love…
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