The Wannsee Conference Essay

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The Wannsee Conference

Have you ever had a business meeting, a conference? Could you imagine a meeting to draw an outline to exterminate a population, 11 million Jews? The Wannsee Conference was a “meeting” to discuss how they would kill all the Jews. The Wannsee Conference put the Final Solution in motion; the World had lost their opportunity to save 6 million Jews and others.
The Beginning Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933, after World War 1 when tensions were high because the Treaty of Versailles blamed Germany for the destruction the war caused and they were faced with the payment for all the damages, which sent Germany into economic downfall. The Nazi party got a lot of electoral votes that year in the government, and started
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A year later in 1935 the Nuremburg laws were created, these were laws created that took away the rights of Jews. (An Introductory History of the Holocaust) this made it legal to take every right the Jews still had, away.
After the hate started and kept steadily getting worse many Jews thought fleeing the country was the best option had, but there was many obstacles. The only Jews allowed to leave the country and emigrate were the ones that could afford it, and at this time not a lot of Jews had any money at all since the discrimination started. (Bergen 164) Most countries didn’t want the Jews either so Hitler knew he could do what he wanted to them or they had no one to fight for them and nowhere to go. (An Introductory History of the Holocaust)
Growing bigger and bigger
Once Hitler realized Jews didn’t really have anywhere to go, and that no other countries wanted them and no one was trying to stop him, he knew his plan was working, and he didn’t have anything to worry about. November 9th and 10th was the “night of the broken glass.” The attacks on Jews became very violent, they burned down their houses and synagogues, beat them, and Jews were arrested and taken to concentration camps. 30,000 Jews were imprisoned by the end of that night. (An Introductory History of the Holocaust) This was the first time Jews were actually imprisoned/ segregated from Germans.
A movement Hitler didn’t stop just in Germany he wanted to

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