The War After War Since 1980

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Hawkar Oagaz

Iraq has been in the war since 1980. War after war. These devastated wars had made the country on of the worst in the word in many aspects. Of course, they had influenced the life of each and every person living there. I have seen the war and saw all affects that the war could left behind. From destroyed cites to desperate people that have no hope to rebuild their country and their lives. It affected me personally and shaped my personality. When I see all these pessimistic and dark atmosphere, I feel there should be some people that can at least change this mode to better one. This made me to feel responsible to do something and be part to what brings happiness to those people. Therefore, it has always been my dream to be a productive person in the community. I think one of the best way to be a positive element in the society is to be properly educated both mentally and technically.
In Iraqi still most of the government regularities are done via paper and people have to wait a long time to do simple things that will take minutes if done via a computerized systems. Thus, computerizing governmental offices has to be considered as an urgent issue and government has to work on it seriously. To accomplish the process of developing IT infrastructure and computerized governmental offices, we need a lot of computer scientists and software engineering expertise. The main problem in Iraq is the lack of expertise. However many private universities have
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