The War Against The Civil War Essay

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James Gleason HIS 102-012 July 10, 1863 was a beautiful or a bleak Friday depending upon one’s allegiance to the Union or to the Confederacy. For ten bloody days prior to July 10, Union and Confederate soldiers were embroiled in intense fighting in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and Vicksburg, Mississippi. Both battles were resounding and triumphant victories for the Union that decisively turned the war against the Confederacy in the Union’s favor. During this period of military conflict, both the pro-Union The New York Times and the Confederate-leaning The Richmond Daily Dispatch served as vital sources of wartime reporting, agents of one-sided propaganda and unflagging patriotism, as well as important mouthpieces for the public to express their opinions about the war, slavery and other issues pertinent to the time. Reading the July 10, 1863 editions of both newspapers gave a brief but compelling glimpse into the attitudes, viewpoints and lifestyles of people deeply divided along ideological and political lines in the midst of a bloody and violent civil war. Reading the July 10, 1863 edition of The Richmond Daily Dispatch, it became immediately clear that the most important news on that Friday was the crippling defeat of Confederate forces in Vicksburg, Mississippi and the retreat of General Robert E. Lee and his army from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The tone of the reporting of the Vicksburg defeat was somber and discouraging when the writer stated, “We have lost Vicksburg. That

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