The War And Its Effects On The Middle East And Europe

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Introduction The crisis in Syria is seemingly endless. There are two main forces in Syria. Syrian rebels against President Bashar al Assad’s regime abruptly emerged due to the discontent of the dictatorship and demand for democracy, and the government forces has been tried to suppress the furious rebel in order to maintain Assad’s dictatorial regime. Because of the collision between two antagonists that seem to never agree each other, people in Syrian are suffering from the devastating and nonselective bombing. Approximately, 250,000 people have died from the conflict, and over 4.5 million Syrians have migrated to different neighboring countries in Middle East and Europe (BBC News 2016). The civil war has been gone for years and years; however, the devastating war and inhumane government attack on people do not seem to be terminated. Because of the enlarging scale of the civil war, the global society considered the severity as one of the international affairs, and the United Nations eventually came up with a plan for resolution. Despite the effort of the United Nations on a draft resolution for Syrian war crisis, passing the draft resolution through was not easy, and it has not been passed yet. There were some countries who did not agree to pass the draft resolution for Syrian civil war; the main countries who used veto power were Russia and China, the permanent member of the UN. According to the resolution on the human rights situation in the Syrian Arab Republic, the

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