The War And Politics - Original Writing

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Monica chewed on her lip for a few moments and then slowly gathered up her papers, leaving considerably more gracefully than her counterpart had. He had her outfoxed on the ground. He was more than a capable commander and a clever strategist. He was right, NATO couldn 't change anything on the ground without risking a full scale war. He was a gambler. That much she knew. War and politics were not his passion, his passion was gambling, gambling with his reputation, his life and those of his men. She 'd been so focused on the negotiations she only now realized that he 'd addressed her as Miss Avery throughout the brief meeting. She pressed her lips together, perhaps her instincts had led her astray about him. Perhaps because she 'd felt a familiarity, she 'd called him Alexander. Perhaps he was no longer the man she 'd met a couple of years ago when she 'd served as an attaché at the US embassy in Moscow. It had been a cover of course, she 'd been tasked with profiling several state actors so that she could more accurately develop her new ground breaking structural analysis models that the state department had begun using in negotiations.

She 'd thought of him as the most intriguing man she 'd encountered at the state dinner. He 'd kept aloof from everyone, only coming out of his shell for the Russian president with whom he 'd shared an animated conversation. That itself had aroused her attention, it seemed that he had favor with the unpredictable and taciturn Russian…
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