The War And The Spanish Civil War

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Both conflicts show that civil war was not the limit of the atrocities people were willing to commit in order to stop the influence of opposing ideologies. In both the Cold War and the Spanish Civil War the most significant air operations were carried in order to stop the spread of Communism. One of the factors that prompted the U.S. into dropping the atomic bombs in Nagasaki and Hiroshima was to stop the war in Japan as soon as possible. Many of Truman’s advisers, such as James F. Byrnes supported this rationale in order to prevent the entry of the Soviet Union into the war in Japan and thereby diminish Soviet influence in East Asia. Similarly, the Germans carried the bombing of Guernica in order to stop the influence of Communism in the north of Spain. While giving testimony during the Nuremberg trials Herman Göring explained that he had “urged [Hitler] to give support under all circumstances [to Franco] in order to prevent the further spread of communism in that theater and, secondly, to test [his] young Luftwaffe at this opportunity.” What is significant about both instances is not the fact that military action was taken against the enemy, but that the main targets were civilians. The bombing of Guernica showed that as it was the case in Japan, Communism was regarded as such an existential threat that the possibility of the civilian population joining the communist side already was reason enough for their deaths. Another parallelism between the Spanish Civil War and

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