The War Between America And America

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During the time from 1800-1900 America had gone through a series of some tough growing pains. It was recovering from its first war with Britain and would not be its last battle, for this newly formed country. The over whelming onslaught of war was just the start of this small country’s birth. Within the 1800’s there were 35 wars in America’s history and it was needing to prove its worth by each one. You will see reasons why a young country had to fight to save itself, what effects these battles had on America, and the battles that scared America the worst.

America was a young country that had just beaten the British nation, that same power that gave them the opportunity to become America. Recovering from its wounds with the mother land, America had to tighten the reigns as the battles with other nations were about to start. America was being groomed by its founding fathers like Thomas Jefferson to become something greater as he said in a letter to John Adams, “to establish each ward with reading, writing, and arithmetic.” (1) Jefferson portraying to Adams that he wanted this country built on free thinkers and not slaves to the crown. The thought that would linger in every American during the 1800’s was that they had to fight for the freedom they had earned. Unlike the French that fought and lost its revolution and went back to a monarchy.” (2) With this great nation it knew it needed great warriors, and the call to arms would be answered by the United States Marine Corps.

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