The War Between Britain And France

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The year, 1939, marked the beginning of what would soon become WWII. It began with Hitler’s invasion of Poland. Subsequently, the great nations of the world namely, Germany, France and Great Britain, along with the Soviet Union, formed opposing military alliances. These tensions grew greater, and greater and finally exploded into a vicious war that encompassed all of Europe. The war ultimately resulted in the tragic deaths of millions of people. An interesting question, that many prominent historians have posed, is whether Hitler intended to start a World War or Great War with Britain and France, when he invaded Poland in 1939. This paper will discuss the various theses regarding this very question. The different historical views that will be examined are that of Adam Tooze, A.J.P Taylor as well as, Alan Alexandroff and Richard Rosecrance. Tooze contends that Hitler expanded the war and invaded other countries due to his economic concerns. Tooze also argues that Hitler wanted to exploit this short-term advantage that he had over Britain and France. In contrast, Taylor believes that Hitler simply wanted to restore the borders that Germany relinquished as a consequence of the Treaty of Versailles. On the other hand, Alexandroff and Rosecrance believe that Hitler wanted to expand the war, but only for short term tactical gains, and that the war accelerated as a consequence of a mismatch in the time frame of Britain, France and Germany’s deterrence. Before these various…
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