The War Between England And The Colonies

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Nic Phelps
Mrs. Blomme
Honors I
3 October 2014
Revolutionary War A long time ago but not so far away, a rebellion broke out in the U.S. that changed history forever. The war between England and the colonies has started. Why did they rebel? Who is to blame for the war? British Parliament or the colonist? British Parliament and the colonist both did wrong. But when did it all start? It all started around 1763, when France’s army backed off the colonies, Britain gotten the idea that the colonist need to pay for the protection that Britain gave to them. Parliament started to put taxes on the colonist that of course the colonist hated (American Revolution). There were numerous taxes put on the colonist because Britain was in such great debt. They started on the sugar and molasses. They already had a tax on both of these items but now they were bringing in twice the profit and didn 't care about the colonist (MILESTONES: 1750–1775). Even after people from New York and Massachusetts sent letters to parliament they still wouldn 't listen because they didn 't care about the colonies they cared about their country and thats it (American Revolution). Now of course it seems that is unfair to the colonist but you have to look at the other side. England was in a lot of debt after the war and they needed to do something so they can get out of that debt and back to normal. So the most simple thing to do to get out of that debt is to tax something, well they really could care
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