The War Between Germany And Britain

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Contributing the most to the start of the outbreak are; mutual defense alliance, imperialism, militarism, nationalism, and the last straw which was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Mutual defense alliance is an agreement between two countries that if another invades them, that they 'll step in and help. The ones that teamed up were Russia and Serbia, Germany and Austria-Hungary, France and Russia, Japan and britain, and Britain, France, and Belgium. Imperialism is a system of which extends a country 's power and influences through diplomacy or military force. Every country wanted the largest part to control, having this in mind it was nearly impossible for all to be happy. The british empire broadened about five continents,…show more content…
The Allied Powers were generally framed as a safeguard against the hostility of Germany and the Central Powers. They were otherwise called the Entente Powers on the grounds that they started as a union between France, Britain, and Russia called the Triple Entente. The Schlieffen Plan created by General Count Alfred von Schlieffen. This plan was an assigned assault on France and Russia, after international tension. This led to Britain declaring war on Germany. Through World War 1 there was also a huge change with the use of technology. Tanks were invented to improve battle, as were flamethrowers which was “a better grenade.” World War 1 was becoming more brutal and gory with the help of technology, creating bigger and better weapons. For example poison gas which just ended with disastrous results on both sides. Then there was tracer bullets which helped it become more viable and easier. Since aircraft and plans had only been around for a couple years before World War 1, it wasn 't really used until some helpful inventions. Which are interrupter gear, air traffic control,aircraft carries, and pilotless drones. These transformed aircraft tremendously and shaped World War 1 into an exhausting and more of a frightful experience. Trench warfare was the main strategy of World War 1. Triple Alliance and Entente soldiers dug trenches to fight and guard themselves. There was a spot between the two
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