The War Between Iraq And Iran

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The war between Iraq and Iran initiated by Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein in September 1980 provided no gains or benefits to either country, at the end of the war in July of 1988 after 8 long years. At the conclusion of many wars throughout history, at least one party resulted in gaining territory, wealth, power, and other profits. However, in reality it is understood that no one ever wins in war due to the adverse affects among innocent humanity; exemplified by the Iraq-Iran war. The initial conflict begins in 1979 when Iran went through the Islamic Revolution overthrowing Mohammad Reza Shah, the current head of the Iran. This period of Iranian turmoil lead to a many changes in government, creating a politically weak country. Trying to gain from Iran’s turmoil Saddam Hussein made plans to control the region. Saddam Hussein, the president of Iraq, wanted “exclusive Iraqi sovereignty over the Shatt-el-Arab River… forming Iraq’s best outlet to the sea” (History). This would give Iraq political and economic dominance of the gulf while making Hussein the leader of the Arab world. Saddam also felt that the new Iran revolutionary leadership “would threaten Iraq’s delicate Sunni Shia balance” (Federal Research Division). Ayatollah Khomeini was brought to power after the Revolution and directly opposed Saddam Hussein and “did not disguise his desire to see him toppled” (BBC). The distinguishing factors of the Iraq-Iran war were, due to Hussein’s commands, its indiscriminate missile
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