The War Between Japan And The United States

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WWII: Pearl harbor A war between Japan and the United States had been a possibility that had been cognizant of since the 1920s, though tensions did not begin to grow until Japan 's 1931 invasion of Manchuria (Barnhart). The United States halted shipments of airplanes, parts, machine tools, and aviation gasoline to Japan, which was observed by Japan as an unfriendly act. The U.S. did not stop oil exports to Japan at that time because such an action would be so extreme that Japan would likely consider a provocation. In July 1941, the Japanese expanded into French Indochina after the Fall of France. With this the Japanese then proceeded with plans to take the Dutch East Indies. On August 17, Roosevelt warned Japan that the U.S. was prepared…show more content…
Final authorization was not given by the emperor until December 1. While U.S. Pacific bases and facilities had been placed on alert on many occasions, U.S. officials doubted Pearl Harbor would be the first target, instead, they expected the Philippines would be attacked first. They also incorrectly believed that Japan was not capable of mounting more than one major naval operation at a time. The Japanese attack had multiple motives. First, they intended to destroy important American fleet units, to prevent the Pacific Fleet from interfering with Japanese, enabling Japan to conquer Southeast Asia, Dutch East Indies and Malaya without interference. Second, it was anticipated to buy time for Japan to amalgamate its position and increase its naval strength before shipbuilding authorized by the 1940 Vinson-Walsh Act erased any chance of victory (Willmott). Third, to deliver a blow to America 's ability to mobilize its forces in the Pacific. Finally, it was hoped that the attack would weaken American morale such that the U.S. government would drop its demands opposition to Japanese interests, and would seek a compromise with Japan. On November 26, 1941, a Japanese task force of six aircraft carriers, Akagi, Kaga, Soryu, Hiryu, Shokaku, and Zuikaku, departed northern Japan heading to a position northwest of Hawaii, intending to launch
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