The War Between The Civilized And Barbaric World

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Guantanamo Bay

“President Bush described his holy war against the so-called terrorism as a war between the civilized and barbaric world. But his government committed more barbaric acts than the terrorists themselves. I can name tons of war crimes that Bush’s government is involved in.” Mohamedou Ould Slahi said this when he was in the Guantanamo Bay Camps. His tragic experience was later written and published as the novel known as Guantánamo Diary. The issue of Guantanamo Bay is a complex one. What it is about is the United States violated the human rights of the people taken into the camps. They took them in, held them prisoners, and tortured them. This is a violation of human rights because since the Geneva Conventions was an international law, the United States and every other country was prohibited from imprisoning and torturing people who they are at war with. Although President Barack Obama is in the process of closing down the Guantanamo Bay Camps, but there are similar camps that are still open that needs a global effort to close down. By ending the torture of prisons of war the laws set forth in the Geneva Convention will be upheld.

The United Nations is an international organization that promotes international cooperation. It was formed in October 24 1945, to replace the league of nations. (United nations, Overview, par 1) Their main mission is to promote international peace and security. (United nations, Maintain International Peace and Security, par 1)…
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