The War Between The North And South

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Once upon a time, in a time period of war and division, there lived a traveling businessman who was known for both his riches and his greed. The businessman had a daughter who was as beautiful as she was kind and that they called her Belle, a Southern Belle. Though her father loved her in his own way, his love for money was his ultimate love. But his riches could not last forever and the war between the north and south had taken a turn for the worst. The Union soldiers had cut off the routes that he had always taken and his riches were depleting faster than he thought imaginable. After just a month the family was in poverty. The father was in such a desperate need for money that he would have done anything to make even just a single gold piece. His daughter tried to comfort him, she even sold everything she owned just to please her father. One day the father heard a rumor that the Union general was gathering southern maidens for a hundred gold pieces each. He went to his daughter and told her she was too be given to the Union general in order to save his life. Belle, who had also heard the rumors, knew why her father wanted to give her to the general, but she was to kind and told her father she would do it to save his life. Thus the day came when Belle was to be taken to the Union general. She was determined to make her father happy, but also scared because she had been told that the soldiers were all beasts. It was a day’s journey to the Union stronghold that was to become
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