The War Called Operation Iraq Freedom

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Mainstream media has extensively covered the war called Operation Iraq Freedom where thousands of our armed forces were killed leaving millions without their mother and father. It has been said that this was a senseless way that should have never begun; in the same manner, it is a war that many feel was needed and very necessary. The purpose of my extended is to uncover the facts of this topic that has been considered off limits and inappropriate especially in the mainstream media. In efforts to uncover the facts, there are many questions that must be answered; however, in making the attempt to answer any question, the questions leads into millions of other unanswered questions. For instance, is this war between Afghanistan and the United States of America winnable? Will it become “Obama’s Vietnam”? Did their attacks provide legal justification for this war? If not, was there at least moral justification? Is this war legal? These are few of many questions that have not been directly addressed nor answered. In my essay I also want to raise the otherwise forbidden question- was the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon a justifiable reason for the counterattack in Afganistan? In order to answer such difficult question, the causes of the 9/11 attack must be addressed. Reports conclude that this was, Operaation Iraqi Freedom, was actually the decision of the United State to invade Afghanistan two months prior to the attack on American soil that causes thousands of lost…

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