The War During The American Civil War

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One of the heartbreaking truths about World War 1 was that millions of innocent men needlessly died because civilian and military leaders were slow in changing their war strategies and effectively employing new technologies. Thus, the war typified a fight between an inefficient nineteenth century warfare which witnessed lot of casualties on both sides, and a twentieth century technology-driven battle in which many decisive technologies were tested. As for America, the trend of industrialism and mass production of machineries and war equipments had begun fifty years prior to the onset of the war during the American Civil War. With President Woodrow Wilson deciding to take part in the war in April 2017 towards making the world a safe place for democracy in the light of German submarines started sinking American ships in the Atlantic Ocean the situations took a new turn. New technology began to make the war more complex and let winning the war tough for both sides. Submarines, airplanes, improved machine guns introduced by the Americans, chemical warfare by employing poisonous gases and underwater explosives took the world by storm and changed the path of human civilization forever. The First World War is always known for reckless fighting by both sides to kill, maim, gas and starve millions since the new technology came in handy to fight and cause large scale destruction. World War 1gave the opportunity for many of the technological innovations to be tested by both the…
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