The War Era Of Hawaii

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War era in Hawaii was a historical time that Hawaii will never forget. Hawaii being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, made every country wanted to own Hawaii as it would be a great place to land military and naval bases. Military bases started as early as 1898 but real use of the military was not used until the attack on Pearl Harbor. By 1939 Pearl Harbor became the largest base in the Hawaiian Islands, which hosted “one battleship dry-dock, two above ground oil tank farms, a hospital, Navy and Army airfields, a submarine base, and many other facilities” (Chen, par. 2). United States was the first to land naval bases, air corps and military first to be prepared of an attack from the Philippines, but it was planned wrong when Japan did…show more content…
Prewitt never gives up on his fellow soldiers and never gives up on protecting the islands. The plan to protect Hawaii was when sugar and pineapple plantation was still big and making Hawaii’s economy stronger. During this time “the United States made Hawaii its “Pacific Gibraltar” through the establishment and fortification of naval and army bases thought the islands, most notably (and consequentially) Pearl Harbor on the island of Oʻahu” (Tengan, pg. 43). With the new naval and army bases, Hawaiians started to dominate the law enforcements even though they only made up fifteen percent of the population in the islands. This created more jobs for Hawaiians in the city, like, road workers, teamsters and in the country. Education became a great benefactor to the military. Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop provided in her will for the creation of two schools, one for boys and one for girls. At Kamehameha School for Boys the school implemented for “military drills and uniforms and organized the boys into companies with student officers” (Tengan, pg. 46). With the overtake of military in schools it created alumni to serve as colonist for United States. The film “From Here to Eternity” shows what it is like to prepare for the war, the difficulties that are to be in the military. Originally Hawaii was not preparing war with Japan but with the Philippines which had the War Department create “naval base at Pearl Harbor, Air Corps units were charged with
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