The War For Equality During The 20th Century

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The War for Equality The first half of the Twentieth century witnessed both WWI and WWII and another war as well; the War for Equality. With a racism and persecution at a high level, racial minorities were ready to fight back. In the first half of the Twentieth century the mistreatment of racial minorities led to a War for Equality; fought on many levels with varying levels of success. The war was fierce and did not end in the first half of the Twentieth Century. Like any war the War for Equality had its’ causes, in this case the war was brought about by the continued mistreatment of racial minorities. This mistreatment came in many forms: segregation, violation of other civil rights, and violence. Racial minorities faced segregation on different levels. Blacks were kept out of public facilities in the South, Mexicans in the West, and Chinese out of America itself. In 1896 The Supreme Court case, Plessy v. Ferguson, determined separate public facilities were constitutional as long they were equal, allowing segregation of racial minorities. Segregated facilities rarely proved equal. While the Supreme Court ruling kept blacks out of white facilities, the Chinese Exclusion Act kept the Chinese out of America. The Chinese Exclusion Act, renewed in 1902, made it increasingly difficult for Chinese to enter America, while also making it easier for them to be deported (Chinese Exclusion Act). Consequently, Mexicans filled the role of cheap laborers that Chinese previously

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