The War Had Not Dampened Charleston 's Spirit

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The war had not dampened Charleston’s spirit, nor its social events calendar one bit; the invitation to Colonel Andrews birthday party arrived shortly after lunch two days after Thomas abandoned Allie at her grandparent‘s home. Then, not soon after, an invitation to the annual May Day Ball arrived. “My, aren’t you popular these days,” observed Allie. “One invitation after another; you would think everyone would be depressed with this war going on, instead of planning balls and soirées.” “You seem to be the only one that is depressed, Cousin. Moreover, it’s we that are popular- the invite is for the entire clan, not just me. Besides, there is no need to be depressed; it is what it is. There’s not anything we at home can do other than try to…show more content…
If you choose not to come, you’ll be the only one home.” “Oh, my goodness, I can’t win for losing with you, can I? What on earth will I wear to such prestigious events? You forget that my closet is basically bare.” “Don’t worry, Allie Mae. Charleston is not yet in the hands of the Yankees- I’m sure we can rustle something up.” Allie immediately thought of the old seamstress, she and her mother had gone to, to get her last gowns made, but she was in Savannah. “Do you know of a seamstress that won’t be swamped with orders- it is so close to time, I’m sure no one will be available this late,” said Allie, beginning to feel some of Eli’s excitement. “I’m sure Grandmother has someone available- she herself has to have gowns made. Just before you arrived, she had a fitting for the Colonel’s party. We have a standing invitation to his party each year.” “If I have to, I’ll sew something myself,” said Allie. “From the time I could hold a needle between my thumb and forefinger, I helped Addie sew my clothes. Mother just did not trust her to do a nice enough job with my trousseau, because
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