The War Has Been A Part Of Human History Essay

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War has been a part of human history as far back as people can remember. At this point people would argue it’s in our very nature to seek conflict as a means to a resolution. It’s hard to dispute when looking at our history books, but that’s the thing, it’s in the past. We need to learn from our history and evolve. In this context it’s not implied that there can or necessarily should be a way to stop violence, but there are ways to have smarter warfare. It is easy to say that we must remain absolutist but the opposite is incredibly tactically beneficiary in the battlefield as the enemy has shown. Many don’t completely agree with the ill written essay of Elaine Scarry, but on a more humanitarian side, it’s possible to see where she is trying to come from. These rules of engagement should be in place to save the innocents that are dragged into the conflict unwillingly, but it only serves as a hindrance that is used against us. Time and time again it is heard how the enemy uses children, woman, the sick and the elderly as means to get close to our troops to cause as much death as possible. Because of this it’s not logical to follow the old formula for warfare if we want to protect our own. Protecting and placing our national sovereignty first is what the American military is for but many people mistake it for some sort of world police, which isn’t America’s place to do to begin with. If the enemy decides to use underhanded tactics, then there is no reason for us not to do the
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