The War I And World War II

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One of the earliest recorded feats of corruption in history was carried out by Roman Emperor Nero, whose rule is often associated with corruption and arrogance, as many historians have found evidence that Nero built theaters in his own honor and even assassinated many people, including his mother and step-brother. In the post- World War I and World War II era, Joseph Stalin of Soviet Russia led a dictatorship that would last 24 years, ending in his own death. Although the country as a whole benefited from his reign, Stalin ruled with an iron fist, using facilitated propaganda and often ordering the executions of any political rivals. In 1945, author George Orwell created a book that used satire to mock Stalin’s rule by creating a character that resembled him called Napoleon. In order to stay in power, however, Napoleon needed to use Stalinist methods to assert control. Much like Joseph Stalin, Napoleon use propaganda and fear to dominate the political component of Animal Farm. As a method of maintaining control over Animal Farm, Napoleon often used propaganda to promote his point of view to the other animals. Twice in the novel’s plot line, Napoleon is seen indirectly using the animals to gain more of a food ration. Squealer, who is illustrated as Napoleon’s right-hand man in the novel, is often used to persuade the animals by his ‘eloquent speeches.’ An instance of this occurs when Napoleon sends Squealer to try to persuade the animals to give the pigs the milk and
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