The War I And World War II

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INTRODUTION 2 Rolihlahla Mandela was born in July 18th of 1918 in a village called Mvezo, situated in South Africa. He attended a Christian school where he was given the name Nelson as it was a custom to give Christian names to school children (Moloko, 2014). He was from a very poor family and always wanted to help his people out of such poverty. His parents raised him telling stories of their ancestors’ accomplishments and he begun to dream of doing the same, which indeed he did. DRAWING COMPARISONS The second half of the twentieth century was very troubled for many countries. Immediately after World War II, another war would start; the Cold War. Fortunately the Cold War was not near as bloody as World War I and World War II, but it was also harmful to multiple countries. At the time, Democracy and Communism were fighting against each other to be the most dominant ideology in the world and consequently the most influential one. Africa was colonized by many European countries and Democracy was nothing but a dream. That is when Nelson Mandela’s ideas, plans, actions, and courage became so remarkable. HISTORICAL RESEARCH REVIEW Nelson Mandela truly changed history and one of his major fights was against the Apartheid; “a system of governance that discriminated against black South Africans” (Apartheid and Madiba, 2009) and made different laws for them. He fought against the Apartheid from 1948 until its abolition in 1994. Mandela had been arrested multiple times,

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