The War I And World War II

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There are many countries in the world that have a great history. Their antiquity benefited them in one way or another. One of these nations is France, which is known to have glorious events in the past. These events have made France the way it is now. For example, World War I, and World War II. However, these events were not the only thing that had a major role in France’s history some people are involved as well, such as Napoleon Bonaparte I and Louis Napoleon III. Those two men controlled France once and made it a great country. Napoleon Bonaparte I is known to be one of the best war chiefs the world have ever seen. Napoleon Bonaparte I was the emperor of France in 1799. He conquered many lands in Europe while he was the king to expand the French empire. Those are called The Napoleonic Wars. Some of the countries that he conquered are Italy, Holland, and Spain. France was one of the biggest kingdoms at that time. But he lost his throne after 10 years because he made a lot of enemies from these wars. A party was initiated by LouisXVI against Napoleon Bonaparte and defeated him after three years. However, LouisXVI did not do well in ruling the empire. He collapsed the nation’s finance and led it to bankruptcy. When Napoleon saw his empire starting to vanish, he returned and began a revolution. The people supported him because the current king was destroying their country. So he won in the revolution and crowned as a king again. After that he immediately got into war…

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